About the quality and fabric of uniform

Our uniforms fabric based on polyester,also we have many kinds of fabrics. square mesh fabric and vertical net fabric is our mainly fabric.

This is square mesh,most of single layer uniform (normal uniform) made of this fabric

The fabric feels soft and breathable and print by sublimation,never fade or deform


Here’s some review single layer uniform photos from our customers↓↓↓

Here’s our reversible uniform vertical net fabric


The reversible fabric is thicker than single layer uniform,also breathable and soft,easy to wash.


Here’s some review pictures about reversible uniform

Here’s reversible uniform made of square mesh,all material by customer’s choice.every customer give us Every customer receives uniform feels very happy and satisfied with them.


We’d also send some gifts to our repeat customer


If you like our uniforms,please come to contact us,surprise are waiting for you!




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